Commit bed1e22e authored by Jesse van den Kieboom's avatar Jesse van den Kieboom

Escape dbus install prefix for os x launcher

parent 56ee92d0
......@@ -38,7 +38,7 @@ export PYTHONHOME="$bundle_res"
export PANGO_LIBDIR="$bundle_lib"
export PANGO_SYSCONFDIR="$bundle_etc"
export PEAS_PLUGIN_LOADERS_DIR="$bundle_lib/libpeas-1.0/loaders"
export DBUS_REPLACE_INSTALL_PREFIX="$bundle_res/"
export DBUS_REPLACE_INSTALL_PREFIX=$(printf '%q' "$bundle_res/")
if test -f "$bundle_lib/charset.alias"; then
export CHARSETALIASDIR="$bundle_lib"
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