Commit aa7bbff8 authored by Jesse van den Kieboom's avatar Jesse van den Kieboom

[osx] Do not show titlebar on OS X

parent 1d3d7f89
......@@ -200,6 +200,18 @@ gedit_app_osx_startup (GApplication *application)
load_keybindings ();
static GeditWindow *
gedit_app_osx_create_window_impl (GeditApp *app)
GeditWindow *window;
window = GEDIT_APP_CLASS (gedit_app_osx_parent_class)->create_window (app);
gtk_window_set_titlebar (GTK_WINDOW (window), NULL);
return window;
static void
gedit_app_osx_class_init (GeditAppOSXClass *klass)
......@@ -213,6 +225,7 @@ gedit_app_osx_class_init (GeditAppOSXClass *klass)
app_class->show_help = gedit_app_osx_show_help_impl;
app_class->set_window_title = gedit_app_osx_set_window_title_impl;
app_class->create_window = gedit_app_osx_create_window_impl;
static void
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