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Write code conventions to the hacking file

And some other links that may be useful.
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......@@ -84,6 +84,33 @@ tracker reference if applicable) and so forth. Be concise but not too brief.
git commit -a --author "Joe Coder <>" and --signoff.
Code conventions
You may encounter old code that doesn't follow all the following code
conventions, but for new code it is better to follow them, for consistency.
- Avoid trailing whitespace.
- Indent the C code with tabulations with a width of eight characters.
- The files should have a modeline for the indentation style.
- All blocks should be surrounded by curly braces, even one-line blocks. It
spaces out the code, and it is more convenient when some code must be added
or removed without the need to add or remove the curly braces.
- Follow the C89 standard. In particular, no "//"-style comments.
See also
The gedit team.
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