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guidelines for gedit
Source code repository
gedit source code is maintained using the git version control system
and is available at the following location:
......@@ -14,6 +14,28 @@ A Web Interface is available at:
Building from git
When building from a git checkout you will need to run the script which takes care of running automake, autoconf,
etc and then run "configure" for you. You can pass options like
--prefix to and they will be forwarded to the configure
Note that you cannot run gedit from its build directory: you need
to install it with "make install". For this reason it is highly
recommended that you install in a separate prefix instead of
overwriting your system binaries. Note however that when running
gedit from a custom prefix you will need to set many environment
variables accordingly, for instance PATH and XDG_DATA_DIR.
The JHBuild tool can take care of all this for you.
Commit guidelines
Please don't commit directly to the git repository unless
you have been given the green light to commit freely to gedit.
When in doubt assume you haven't ;-).
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