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......@@ -10,9 +10,9 @@ Or if you have an account on GNOME servers:
A Web Interface is available at:
A web interface is available at:
Building from git
......@@ -44,6 +44,8 @@ Please attach patches in bugzilla (
If the patch fixes a bug that is not reported yet in bugzilla or is
an enhancement, create a new bugreport.
Please create patches with the git format-patch command.
If you are a translator feel free to mark strings for translation,
fix typos in the code, etc.
......@@ -15,15 +15,15 @@ one document at the same time.
gedit supports most standard editing features, plus several not found in your
average text editor (plugins being the most notable of these).
gedit plugins may also be written in the python scripting language: to enable
python support you need the pygtk and gnome-python-desktop bindings.
The gedit core is written in the C language. Thanks to GObject introspection,
plugins may also be written in other languages, like Vala and Python.
Although new features are always under development, currently gedit has:
* Complete support for UTF-8 text
* Syntax highlighting
* Support for editing remote files
* Search and Replace
* Search and replace
* Printing and Print Previewing Support
* File Revert
* A complete preferences interface
......@@ -34,7 +34,6 @@ Some of the plugins, packaged and installed with gedit include, among others:
* Word count
* Spell checker
* Change case of selected text
* File Browser
* Automatic snippet expansion
* Sort
......@@ -51,21 +50,21 @@ the file 'COPYING' for more information.
The official web site is:
You can download the latest gedit tarball from:
Information about gedit mailing lists can be found at
gedit requires GTK+-3.9.9, GtkSourceView 3.9.92 and libpeas 1.7.x libraries.
gedit requires GTK+-3.10, GtkSourceView 3.11.2 and libpeas 1.7.x libraries.
PyGobject 3.0.x and gobject-introspection 0.9.0 are required to enable python
plugins support.
......@@ -88,16 +87,13 @@ Bugs should be reported to the GNOME bug tracking system.
(, product gedit). You will need to create an
account for yourself.
You can also report bugs using the GNOME program bug-buddy.
In the bug report please include:
* Information about your system. For instance:
- What version of gedit
- What operating system and version
- What version of X
- What version of the gtk+, glib and gnome libraries
- For Linux, what version of the C library
And anything else you think is relevant.
......@@ -111,8 +107,6 @@ In the bug report please include:
it will be more useful if the stack trace is produced running the test
program with the --sync command line option.
See the file 'BUGS' for the list of known bugs.
......@@ -124,7 +118,7 @@ report.
Otherwise, enter a new bug report that describes the patch, and attach
the patch to that bug report.
Patches should be in unified diff form. (The -u option to GNU diff.)
Please create patches with the git format-patch command.
If you are interested in helping us to develop gedit, please see the
file 'AUTHOR' for contact information and/or send a message to the gedit
......@@ -132,4 +126,3 @@ mailing list. See also the file 'HACKING' for more detailed information.
The gedit team.
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