Commit 4fb90786 authored by Jesse van den Kieboom's avatar Jesse van den Kieboom

[osx] Remove __pycache__ files for plugin data

parent c9e70ab3
......@@ -156,6 +156,14 @@ function cmd_make() {
rmdir "$i" 2>/dev/null
for i in $(find "$BUNDLE/Contents/Resources/share/gedit/plugins/"* -type f -regex '.*\.py[oc]' 2>/dev/null); do
rm -f "$i"
for i in $(find "$BUNDLE/Contents/Resources/share/gedit/plugins/"* -type d -name '__pycache__' 2>/dev/null); do
rmdir "$i" 2>/dev/null
echo "Creating localized names..."
locales=$(find "$inst/share/locale" -name | sed 's/.*locale\/\([^\/]*\)\/.*/\1/g' | /usr/bin/grep -v @)
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