Commit 3dfdebf9 authored by Sebastien Lafargue's avatar Sebastien Lafargue

document-panel: add text/plain target for dropping on other windows

We can now drop a document row on app that accept text/plain
the result is a paste of the full file name.
( terminal is the main example )

As a feature, you can also drop it on gedit source view for the same result.
parent 79315290
......@@ -26,6 +26,7 @@
#include "gedit-documents-panel.h"
#include "gedit-debug.h"
#include "gedit-document.h"
#include "gedit-multi-notebook.h"
#include "gedit-notebook.h"
#include "gedit-notebook-popup-menu.h"
......@@ -1136,19 +1137,48 @@ panel_on_drag_data_get (GtkWidget *widget,
guint info,
guint time)
GeditDocumentsPanel *panel = GEDIT_DOCUMENTS_PANEL (widget);
GeditDocumentsPanelPrivate *priv = panel->priv;
GdkAtom target = gtk_selection_data_get_target (data);
GdkAtom result;
if (target == gdk_atom_intern_static_string ("GEDIT_DOCUMENTS_DOCUMENT_ROW"))
GeditDocumentsPanel *panel = GEDIT_DOCUMENTS_PANEL (widget);
GeditDocumentsPanelPrivate *priv = panel->priv;
gtk_selection_data_set (data,
sizeof (gpointer));
result = gtk_drag_dest_find_target (widget, context, priv->source_targets);
if (result != GDK_NONE)
GeditTab *tab;
GeditDocument *doc;
gchar *full_name;
tab = GEDIT_TAB (GEDIT_DOCUMENTS_DOCUMENT_ROW (priv->drag_document_row)->ref);
doc = gedit_tab_get_document (tab);
if (!gedit_document_is_untitled (doc))
GFile *file = gedit_document_get_location (doc);
full_name = g_file_get_parse_name (file);
g_object_unref (file);
gtk_selection_data_set (data,
(guchar *)full_name,
strlen (full_name));
g_free (full_name);
gtk_widget_show (priv->drag_document_row);
static GeditNotebook *
......@@ -1404,6 +1434,7 @@ gedit_documents_panel_init (GeditDocumentsPanel *panel)
/* Drag and drop support */
panel->priv->source_targets = gtk_target_list_new (panel_targets, G_N_ELEMENTS (panel_targets));
gtk_target_list_add_text_targets (panel->priv->source_targets, 0);
gtk_drag_dest_set (GTK_WIDGET (panel), 0,
panel_targets, G_N_ELEMENTS (panel_targets),
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