Commit 2aed19fc authored by Jim Campbell's avatar Jim Campbell

docs: Added two files to allow for schematron checks of docs.

Included both gnome-help.sct and Running
./ will call gnome-help.sct, providing further
validation of docs within gedit help.
parent 3dbd63fc
<schema xmlns="" >
<title>Some sanity checks for the GNOME desktop help</title>
<ns prefix="mal" uri=""/>
<ns prefix="xi" uri=""/>
<pattern name="Info element checks">
<rule context="mal:page/mal:info">
<assert test="not(mal:license)">Must not include license directly</assert>
<assert test="xi:include[@href='legal.xml']">Must include legal.xml</assert>
<pattern name="Desc checks">
<rule context="mal:page/mal:info">
<assert test="normalize-space(mal:desc) != ''">Must have non-empty desc</assert>
<rule context="mal:page/mal:info/mal:desc">
<assert test="substring(normalize-space(.), string-length(normalize-space(.))) = '.'">Desc must end with a period</assert>
<rule context="mal:page/mal:info/mal:desc/mal:link">
<assert test="substring(normalize-space(..), string-length(normalize-space(..)) - 2) = '...'">Desc with links must end with an ellipsis</assert>
xmllint --noout --schematron gnome-help.sct *.page 2>&1 | grep -v validates
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