Commit 255460c2 authored by Paolo Borelli's avatar Paolo Borelli

Do not use the AppMenu with Unity and OSX

Fixes bug
parent 709a3c3c
......@@ -1537,16 +1537,22 @@ _gedit_app_has_app_menu (GeditApp *app)
GtkSettings *gtk_settings;
gboolean show_app_menu;
gboolean show_menubar;
g_return_val_if_fail (GEDIT_IS_APP (app), FALSE);
/* We have three cases:
* - GNOME 3: show-app-menu true, show-menubar false -> use the app menu
* - Unity, OSX: show-app-menu and show-menubar true -> use the normal menu
* - Other WM, Windows: show-app-menu and show-menubar false -> use the normal menu
gtk_settings = gtk_settings_get_default ();
g_object_get (G_OBJECT (gtk_settings),
"gtk-shell-shows-app-menu", &show_app_menu,
"gtk-shell-shows-menubar", &show_menubar,
return show_app_menu;
return show_app_menu && !show_menubar;
/* ex:set ts=8 noet: */
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