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README: update dependencies

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gedit requires `GTK+ >= 3.22.0`, `GtkSourceView >= 3.22.0` and
gedit requires `GTK+ >= 3.22.0`, `GtkSourceView >= 4.0.2` and
`libpeas >= 1.14.1` libraries. It also has a run-time dependency on an
icon theme for its icons. If gedit fails to display icons, installing
GNOME's default adwaita-icon-theme is a simple way of providing them.
`PyGObject 3.0.x` and `gobject-introspection 0.9.0` are required to enable
`PyGObject 3.0.x` and `gobject-introspection 0.9.3` are required to enable
python plugins support.
`gspell >= 0.2.3` is required to enable the spell checking plugin.
`gspell >= 0.2.5` is required to enable the spell checking plugin.
Simple install procedure:
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