Commit 0c5a2f82 authored by Paolo Borelli's avatar Paolo Borelli Committed by Ignacio Casal Quinteiro

Manually associate the window actions to the fullscreen controls

parent e6c906bf
......@@ -2030,6 +2030,12 @@ fullscreen_controls_setup (GeditWindow *window)
GTK_WINDOW (&window->window));
gtk_window_set_attached_to (GTK_WINDOW (window), priv->fullscreen_controls);
/* this is a hack to make the fullscreen control see the window actions.
* GTK should grow something better to do this */
gtk_widget_insert_action_group (priv->fullscreen_controls,
G_ACTION_GROUP (window));
g_signal_connect (priv->fullscreen_controls, "enter-notify-event",
G_CALLBACK (on_fullscreen_controls_enter_notify_event),
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