1. 06 Jan, 2006 1 commit
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      implement configure_dialog support for python plugins and make sure to · 2493140e
      Paolo Borelli authored
      2006-01-06  Paolo Borelli  <pborelli@katamail.com>
      	* gedit/gedit-plugin.[ch]:
      	* gedit/gedit-python-plugin.c:
      	implement configure_dialog support for python plugins and make
      	sure to chain up to the default gedit-plugin methods if a python
      	plugin doesn't override a method.
      	Patch from Jesse Van Den Kieboom and Raphael Slinckx.
  2. 12 Dec, 2005 1 commit
  3. 26 Sep, 2003 1 commit
    • Paolo Maggi's avatar
      added gconf_key and help_id parameters. · 7a0777b3
      Paolo Maggi authored
      2003-09-25  Paolo Maggi  <paolo.maggi@polito.it>
       	* gedit-plugin.[ch](gedit_plugin_locate_program): added gconf_key and
       	  help_id parameters.
       	* dialogs/gedit-dialogs.h (gedit_plugin_program_location_dialog):
       	* dialogs/gedit-plugin-program-location-dialog.c (gedit_plugin_program_location_dialog):
       	  added gconf_key and help_id parameters.
       	This patch is needed to fix bugs #117365 and #117443.
       	Thanks to Balamurali Viswanathan <balamurali.viswanathan@wipro.com> for
       	the initial patch.
       2003-09-23 Leena Gunda  <leena.gunda@wipro.com>
              * time/time.c (help_button_pressed):
              Pass correct section-id for displaying help.
              Fixes bug #123007.
  4. 27 Jan, 2003 1 commit
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      make sure to include <config.h> · b7babf4d
      Paolo Maggi authored
      2003-01-27  Paolo Maggi <paolo.maggi@polito.it>
      	* *.c:
      	* dialogs/*.c: make sure to include <config.h>
      	* dialogs/gedit-preferences-dialog.c: remove COLUMN_INDEX
      	(add_enc_to_list): comment unused code
      	(create_encodings_treeview_model): mem leak
      	manage the case in which selected == FALSE
      	(gedit_preferences_dialog_up_enc_button_clicked): code cleanup
      	(gedit_preferences_dialog_down_enc_button_clicked): ditto
      	(gedit_preferences_dialog_add_encoding): remove COLUMN_INDEX column
      	(gedit_preferences_dialog_add_encodings): unselect all items
  5. 21 Nov, 2002 1 commit
    • Paolo Maggi's avatar
      removed plugins/email/Makefile · 3a0e90c1
      Paolo Maggi authored
      2002-11-21  Paolo Maggi <maggi@athena.polito.it>
      	* configure.in (AC_OUTPUT): removed plugins/email/Makefile
      2002-11-21  Paolo Maggi  <maggi@athena.polito.it>
      	* Makefile.am (DIST_SUBDIRS)(SUBDIRS): removed email
      	All plugins: use the new improved plugin engine.
      2002-11-21  Paolo Maggi <maggi@athena.polito.it>
      	* gedit-plugins-engine.[ch]: much improved plugin engine (load
      	plugins only when activated)
  6. 07 Mar, 2002 1 commit
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      plugins/ChangeLog: · 3bbb1fe4
      Paolo Maggi authored
      2002-03-07  Paolo Maggi  <maggi@athena.polito.it>
      	* ASCII/ascii.c: fix bug #71841
      	* diff/diff.c: ditto, use gedit_plugin_locate_program instead of
      	* shell_output/shell_output.c: fix bug# 71841
      	* taglist/gedit-taglist-plugin-window.c: ditto
      	* time/time.c: ditto
      2002-03-07  Paolo Maggi  <maggi@athena.polito.it>
      	* gedit-plugin.c: new file
      	* gedit-plugin.h: declare gedit_plugin_locate_program
      	* Makefile.am (gedit_SOURCES): add gedit-plugin.c
      	* gedit-commands.c: fix bug #71841
      	* dialogs/gedit-dialog-plugin-manager.c: ditto
      	* dialogs/gedit-dialog-uri.c: ditto
      	* dialogs/gedit-plugin-program-location-dialog.c: ditto
  7. 07 Feb, 2002 1 commit
  8. 26 Nov, 2001 1 commit
    • Paolo Maggi's avatar
      -DGEDIT_UI_DIR and -DGEDIT_GLADE_DIR added to INCLUDES, ui_DATA defined, · d627cc01
      Paolo Maggi authored
      2001-11-26  Paolo Maggi  <maggi@athena.polito.it>
      	* Makefile.am: -DGEDIT_UI_DIR and -DGEDIT_GLADE_DIR added to INCLUDES,
      	ui_DATA defined, added gedit-print.c and gedit-print.h to gedit2_SOURCES
      	* bonobo-mdi.c (app_create): removed old commented code
      	* gedit-commands.[ch] (gedit_cmd_file_print): new function
      	  (gedit_cmd_file_print_preview): ditto
                (gedit_cmd_settings_preferences): ditto
      	* gedit-file.c	(gedit_file_save_as_ok_button_clicked_handler): typo
      	* gedit-mdi.c (gedit_mdi_init): removed old commented code, search
      	gedit-ui.xml in the rigth location
      	* gedit-menus.c: added FilePrint, FilePrintPreview and SettingsPreferences to
      	gedit_verbs []
      	* gedit-prefs.[ch]: added two new preferences, i.e. use_default_font and use_default_colors
              * dialogs/Makefile.am: -DGEDIT_UI_DIR and -DGEDIT_GLADE_DIR added to INCLUDES,
      	added gedit-preferences-dialog.[ch] to libdialogs_a_SOURCES
      	* dialogs/gedit-dialog-goto-line.c (dialog_goto_line_get_dialog): search glade file in the rigth location
      	* dialogs/gedit-dialog-uri.c (dialog_open_uri_get_dialog): ditto
      	* dialogs/gedit-dialog-replace.c (dialog_replace_get_dialog): ditto
      	  (gedit_dialog_replace): close window only when "replace all" or "close" button is pressed
      	* gedit-print.[ch]
      	* dialogs/gedit-preferences.glade2
      	* src/dialogs/gedit-preferences-dialog.[ch]: new files
  9. 16 Nov, 2001 1 commit
    • Carlos Perell Marn's avatar
      Added support to AM_GLIB_GNU_GETTEXT Fixed the gnome-vfs-helpers.h · 306bf036
      Carlos Perell Marn authored
      2001-11-16  Carlos Perell Marn <carlos@gnome-db.org>
              * gedit2.c: Added support to AM_GLIB_GNU_GETTEXT
              * gedit-recent.c, gedit-utils.c, gedit-document.c, gedit-file.c:
              Fixed the gnome-vfs-helpers.h include.
      2001-11-16  Carlos Perell Marn <carlos@gnome-db.org>
              * POTFILES.in: Updated.
      2001-11-16  Carlos Perell Marn <carlos@gnome-db.org>
              * Makefile.am, configure.in: Migrated from xml-i18n-tools to intltool
              and added support to AM_GLIB_GNU_GETTEXT
              * acconfig.h: Added GETTEXT_PACKAGE
      2001-11-16  Paolo Maggi   <maggi@athena.polito.it>
              * Started the port to GNOME 2.0
      2001-11-16  Carlos Perell Marn <carlos@gnome-db.org>
              * ChangeLog: rolled over to ChangeLog-20011116.
  10. 20 Nov, 2000 1 commit
    • Chema Celorio's avatar
      dont' crash if there isn't a document open. · a495ac48
      Chema Celorio authored
      2000-11-20  Chema Celorio  <chema@celorio.com>
      	* shell_output/shell_output.c: dont' crash if there isn't
      	a document open.
      2000-11-20  Chema Celorio  <chema@celorio.com>
      	* configure.in (ALL_LINGUAS): check for gnome-print 0.25
      	bump version to 0.94
      2000-11-20  Chema Celorio  <chema@celorio.com>
      	* dialogs/about.glade: Added paolo and roberto to the about
      	* prefs.c (gedit_prefs_load_settings): fix a crash.
      2000-11-20  Paolo Maggi  <maggi@athena.polito.it>
      	* recent.c (recent_cb): when needed update the recent file
      	menu in all open windows
      2000-11-18  Paolo Maggi  <maggi@athena.polito.it>
              * plugin.c: #defined DATA_PLUGINS_TO_REMOVE
      	(gedit_plugins_menu_add): fix problems when used
      	with more than one toplevel windows; remove old broken
      	* plugin.h: menu_item attribute commented because it is not
      	* window.c (gedit_window_set_widgets_sensitivity): fix
      	problems withplugins sensitivity; remove old broken code
      	(gedit_window_set_plugins_menu_sensitivity): new method
      	* window.h: new method gedit_window_set_plugins_menu_sensitivity
      	* dialogs/dialog-plugins.c: #included <string.h> to fix warnings
      	(gedit_plugin_manager_clicked): set plugins menu sensitivity
      	* undo.c: #included <string.h> to fix warnings
      	* dialogs/dialog-replace.c: #included <string.h> to fix warnings
      	(dialog_display_messages): fix warning
      	* dialogs/dialog-prefs.c: #included <string.h> to fix warnings
      2000-11-17  Paolo Maggi  <maggi@athena.polito.it>
      	* recent.c: #defined DATA_ITEMS_TO_REMOVE
      	(gedit_recent_update_menus): fix recent items
      	bugs. Now the right number of items are removed from menu
      	(gedit_recent_update_all_windows): new method
      	(gedit_recent_update): documentation modified
      	* recent.h: new method gedit_recent_update_all_windows
      	* file.c (gedit_file_open): now it uses
      	gedit_recent_update_all_windows in place of gedit_recent_update
      	(gedit_file_save_as_ok_sel):  now it uses
      	gedit_recent_update_all_windows in place of gedit_recent_update
  11. 31 Aug, 2000 1 commit
    • Chema Celorio's avatar
      bump to 0.9.1 and require gnome-print 0.22 · 52071802
      Chema Celorio authored
      2000-08-30  Chema Celorio  <chema@celorio.com>
      	* configure.in: bump to 0.9.1 and require gnome-print 0.22
      2000-08-30  Chema Celorio  <chema@celorio.com>
      	Fixed small bugs/issues here & there
      	* file.c (gedit_view_insert_if_mapped): after more than 10 hrs. finaly
      	fixed the crash reported in
             #19044: program crashed
             #20097: gedit DnD crash
             #20743: crashes when opening DOS file
             #22287: (crash during mime) loaded a temp file from gftp. bryce weiner <cogburn@fuse.net>.
      	It is based on a semi-hacky soltuion, but users want a stable editor.
  12. 14 Jun, 2000 1 commit
    • Chema Celorio's avatar
      new function. It verifies that the user has the fonts required. · 6049fdbb
      Chema Celorio authored
      2000-06-14  Chema Celorio  <chema@celorio.com>
      	* print.c (gedit_print_verify_fonts): new function. It verifies
      	that the user has the fonts required.
      	(print_set_pji): fix a stupid bug, close 13922.
      	* window.c (doc_swaphc_cb): add error dialogs.
      	if the file is allready open, don't open it again
      	set it's view active.
      	* search.c (dump_search_state): remove unused enums
      2000-06-13  Chema Celorio  <chema@celorio.com>
      	* utils.h (gedit_debug): add debug_window macro
      	* gedit.c: add "gint debug_window"
      	* document.c (gedit_document_load): convert the file_list->data
      	to a full_pathname.
      	* file.c (gedit_file_convert_to_full_pathname): new function to convert
      	the file_name passed as argument to a full path name.
      	* file.h: add prototype
      	* recent.c: rename functions for consistency with the rest
      	of the code.
      	* prefs.c (gedit_load_settings): compose mdi string from
      	enum and not use a number.
      	* file.c (file_close_cb): after closing a doc, set the
      	* document.c (gedit_mdi_init): don't display "gedit "VERSION
      	in the title window, since gedit_document_set_title is not.
      	If you want to add the version number to the title window
      	pleas also add it to the function gedit_docuemnt_set_title.
      	* view.c (gedit_view_remove_cb): after removing a view, set
      	the title again.
  13. 25 Apr, 2000 1 commit
  14. 20 Apr, 2000 1 commit
  15. 07 Apr, 2000 1 commit