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updated preparing for release

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gedit 0.7.1 (April 28, 2000)
Feedback Wanted
* If you are a user of a pre-0.7.0 version, we'd like to hear
from you about how we are doing. Visit to find out how to
reach us on IRC or by e-mail, we'd like to know if you are
still experiencing crashes, poor memory usage, or still are
wishing for a few features.
* Re-wrote the recent history functionality to fix all the
problems assocated with using gnome-history.
* Printing word wrap improvements.
* Some minor memory leaks fixed.
* Updated Polish, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Galician, Dutch,
Lithuanian, and Turkish translations.
New Features
* Catalana translation.
* Ability to print a range of pages (see the Printing dialog).
gedit 0.7.0 (April 18, 2000)
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