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gedit 0.9.0-pre2 (Jul 04, 2000)
gedit 0.9.0-pre2 is now available.
gedit is a light text editor for the Gnome desktop.
Download at :
What's new :
- Lots and lots of bug fixes
- New webpage ( Steve Hall )
- Printing now supports print selection
- Plugin Manager
- New plugins
- Shell Output ( Roberto Majadas )
- Reverse (Roberto Majadas )
- Menu & Toolbar items change sensitivity
when the commands are available/not available.
- New documentation by :
Eric Baudais <>
(I was unable to update it with the
latest version, an updated version will
be shipped with 0.9.0 )
gedit 0.7.9 (June 11, 2000)
gedit 0.7.9 is now available.
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