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gedit 0.9.2 (Oct 16, 2000)
gedit is a light text editor for the GNOME desktop.
This is mainly a bug fix release, since we are not adding
new features before the 1.0 relese.
Download at :
Webpage :
Requirements :
gedit 0.9.2 requires gnome-print 0.24.
Changes :
- The ability to open multiple files via
the file dialog.
- Cero byte files are handled ok now.
- Usablity improvements in the dialogs
- Lots of bugs, crashes & mem leaks got fixed
- Print Selection works again
- Line numbers where not beeing printed, fixed it.
gedit 0.9.0 (Jul 09, 2000)
gedit is a light text editor for the Gnome desktop.
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