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    Window: better create open recent menu · bbc20b15
    swilmet authored
    Amtk 5.5.2 is needed for
    When using amtk_application_window_create_open_recent_menu() (so the
    more complete one), it calls g_application_open() which is not suitable
    in gedit, because it calls _gedit_cmd_load_files_from_prompt(). From
    prompt, if the file doesn't exist, it sets the 'create' param to TRUE,
    which creates the file, so it doesn't show a warning infobar if the file
    doesn't exist.
    When opening a file from the recent menu, we *want* a warning infobar if
    the file doesn't exist instead of showing an empty document. (if it
    shows an empty document, we may think that the file *exists* and is