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    Released 0.5.3 · 8e55edad
    BST 1999 Alex Roberts authored
    Mon May 24 19:50:58 BST 1999  Alex Roberts  <bse@gedit.pn.org>
    	* Released 0.5.3
    	* makeconfig.pl: Ok, time for release.. changed version to 0.5.3.
    	* NEWS: Added ANNOUNCE message.
    	* README.plugins: Added documentation for the Man Page and Time plugins.
    	* src/gE_prefs.[ch]: (gE_get_settings) Added new check, for running gEdit
    	  the first time, now we dont segfault when gEdit starts with no prefs file.
    	  (Thanks to Kjartan Maraas for spotting that one).
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