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    Bump cvs version to 0.9.8cvs. · 7d57ef09
    Jason Leach authored
    2001-10-10  Jason Leach  <jasonleach@usa.net>
    	* configure.in: Bump cvs version to 0.9.8cvs.
    2001-10-10  Jason Leach  <jasonleach@usa.net>
    	[Fix #61989, Text selection color unthemed]
    	* view.c (gedit_view_init): Get a copy of a mapped widget, the
    	GnomeApp in this case, then modify that copy's foreground and
    	background colors to the ones from settings, then apply this to
    	the text widget style, ensuring everything except foreground and
    	background colors come from the user's theme.
    	[Fix #60223, Use 'want' instead of 'wish' in dialogs]
    	* document.c (remove_child_cb): s/wish/want/
    	* file.c (file_revert_cb): Ditto.
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