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ANNOUNCE - 0.5.2
Hi, this is to announce the long awaited gEdit 0.5.2 - A small but powerful text
editor for Gnome. To run this version of gEdit you require at least Gtk+ 1.2.2
and Gnome 1.0.8. We now have full integration with the Gnome environment. I do
warn you that this release can be a bit tempromental, so we've decided to mark
this a DEVELOPMENT release - If you need total stability go/stick with 0.5.1.

Since the last release (0.5.1) we have the following:

	* Complete re-write of the Document interface, now using GnomeMDI.
	* Complete re-write of the Search interface (Thanks to LotR (Martijn 
	  van Beers)).
	* A Help file has finally been produced, thanks to Andy Glover.
	* And a nice set of minor bug fixes to top it all off with.

If you find any bugs in this release (Which I am sure there are) please contact
either me or the mailing list (information on the homepage).

Tarballs and more information available at