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      Add per-dcument preferences. · b0a9b342
      John Stowers authored
      Introduce DocumentPreferences, whereby preferences are
      first attempted to be read from the current document, before
      falling back to the system preferences. This currently allows
      one to specify the master document via modelines in the
      tex file, e.g.
      % gedit:master-document-filename = foo.tex
      This also cleans up a lot of existing code
      To unify this as a key-value store, I moved to ini style
      files (no more XML). This is the first step towards cleaning
      up the prefs a great deal more.
      Future plans include introducing the concept of a
      MasterDocumentPreferences, where, on a per-project/document basis,
      one can customize the behaviour of the plugin, such as
       * Introducing more tools
       * Changing build actions
       * etc
      tidy prefs, remove get_bool, defaults, etc
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