Commit f8b75adf authored by m_zeising's avatar m_zeising
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minor fix

git-svn-id: d9dd7e60-c638-0410-8f86-b009addf0f70
parent 8d230647
......@@ -67,16 +67,23 @@ class LaTeXReferenceExpander(object):
# build child filename (absolute/relative, with .tex/without .tex)
target = node.firstOfType(Node.MANDATORY_ARGUMENT).innerText
file = None
if File.is_absolute(target):
# absolute path
# look for 'x' and then for 'x.tex'
file = File("%s.tex" % target)
if not file.exists:
file = File(target)
# path relative to the master file's directory
# TODO: include TeX search path!
# look for 'x' and then for 'x.tex'
file = File.create_from_relative_path("%s.tex" % target, self._master_file.dirname)
if not file.exists:
file = File.create_from_relative_path(target, self._master_file.dirname)
self._log.debug("Expanding %s" % file.uri)
self._log.debug("Expanding %s" % file)
# lookup/parse child document model
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