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    New behavior for hiding quoted text · bc71300f
    Robert Schroll authored
    In their hidden state, quotes will be limited in length, with a link to
    extend them.  Only long quotes will be hidden; short ones will be
    displayed in their entirety.  Note that the threshold for hiding a quote
    is larger than the size of the hidden quote.  This ensures that there
    will always be a noticable expansion of a quote when it is shown.  (This
    also accounts for the fact that the height we measure includes padding.)
    We can only measure the size of a quote once it is actually shown as
    part of the document.  Notably, we can't figure out the sizes of quotes
    in hidden emails.  Therefore, we also decide which quotes in an email
    need to be hidden when the email is unhidden.  However, showing and then
    hiding quotes can lead to content flashing, so we start all quotes off
    in the hidden state, and remove this if they turn out to be short
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