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    Convert Geary.FolderRoot to be an actual root, not just a top-level · 5a22e8e4
    Michael Gratton authored
    Instead of each top-level IMAP folder being a FolderRoot object, then
    children of that being FolderPath objects, this makes FolderRoot an
    "empty" FolderPath, so that both top-level and descendant folders are
    plain FolderPath objects. Aside from being more technically correct,
    this means that empty namespace roots can now be used interchangably
    with non-empty namespace roots (addressing issue #181), and custom
    folder implementations no longer need to provide their own trivial,
    custom FolderRoot.
    To support this, a notion of an IMAP root and a local root have been
    added from which all remote and local folder paths are now derived,
    existing places that assume top-level == root have been fixed, and
    unit tests have been added.
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