1. 17 Mar, 2014 6 commits
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  4. 13 Mar, 2014 3 commits
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      Don't crash when renaming account nickname: Closes bgo#726277 · e3dabddc
      Jim Nelson authored
      "sidebar-name-changed" signal was not disconnected when dropping
      a Sidebar.Entry from the Tree, meaning that if the Entry was still
      ref'd and its name changed, the Tree was attempting to update an
      Entry it did not hold.
    • Jakob Unterwurzacher's avatar
      Unneccessary dconf updates on window move · 3825ce5d
      Jakob Unterwurzacher authored
      Writing the window_{width,height,maximized} variables triggers
      a dconf database update. This is an expensive operation as
      dconf writes down a full copy of the database and renames
      over the old one. dconf does not check for unchanged values.
      configure_event() is called for every pixel of a window move,
      and writes the window_* variables - those do not change during
      a move. Check by running
      "dconf watch /org/yorba/geary/" and moving the window or just
      listen to the hard disk grinding.
      This patch checks if the values have changed before writing
      them out, which fixes the issue and provides a
      disk-grinding-free window move experience.
      Closes: bgo #724953
  5. 12 Mar, 2014 6 commits
    • Charles Lindsay's avatar
      Fix a number of database hiccups · c3e52705
      Charles Lindsay authored
      1) Use docid instead of id in search table.
      We had previously included an 'id INTEGER PRIMARY KEY' column in the
      MessageSearchTable, assuming it would get the same rowid alias treatment
      as it does in non-FTS tables.  That assumption was wrong: it was being
      created as a FTS column.  This fixes it so we use docid everywhere.
      To fix the old incorrect docid values, we simply blow away the search
      table and let the natural search table population process, which now has
      the correct docid insertion code, fix the problem.
      This also removes the id column from the search table creation SQL, but
      this will only affect new users.  Upgraders will see an empty, vestigal
      id column in their search table.  Since SQLite doesn't easily let you
      remove columns, it's just easier to ignore the column than go through
      all the work to fix it.
      2) Do as many rowid lookups as possible in batches, instead of doing
      them individually in loops.  This speeds up working with large sets of
      3) Rejigger indices on the MessageLocationTable to make certain queries
      faster.  This creates a new covering index in particular for the email
      prefetcher, which previously had to sort using a temp table.  The new
      index should work in the general case too, as we should never be looking
      at ordering without folder_id (and since folder_id comes first, it works
      as an index on just folder_id, too).
      4) For bonus measure, log all slow queries (> 1s execution time) to
      debug output.
      Closes: bgo #725929
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      Default to STARTTLS in SMTP · 479f87e2
      Charles Lindsay authored
      Closes: bgo #714882
    • Charles Lindsay's avatar
      Don't allow archive from spam · 7cf53acb
      Charles Lindsay authored
      Closes: bgo #714546
    • Daniel Korostil's avatar
      Updated Ukrainian translation · 8c6403c9
      Daniel Korostil authored
    • Charles Lindsay's avatar
      Initialize opening_monitor in local folders · ccfd1f03
      Charles Lindsay authored
      Closes: bgo #725850
    • Charles Lindsay's avatar
      Update help docs · 356a1aff
      Charles Lindsay authored
      Closes: bgo #724082
      Closes: bgo #725618
      Closes: bgo #724081
      Closes: bgo #720625
  6. 11 Mar, 2014 2 commits
    • Robert Schroll's avatar
      Expand quote rollup button to width of quote: Refs bgo#724342 · 9f829e76
      Robert Schroll authored
      Removing the padding so the button is the same width of the quote
      makes it look more like the entire quote block is rolling up/down
      with the button.
    • Charles Lindsay's avatar
      Don't remove folders when listing throws errors · 09dc342e
      Charles Lindsay authored
      We're seeing a bug where under certain conditions like a flaky internet
      connection, Geary will decide you don't have any remote folders and
      simply remove them all locally.  What's probably happening is we're
      getting an error and ignoring it.  Since we don't know what the true
      error is, this patch simply adds some logging for that case and sets a
      flag so we don't run the delete folders logic if there was an error.
      Once we get a handle on what's really going on, we can implement a more
      surgical fix.
      Closes: bgo #726049
  7. 10 Mar, 2014 1 commit
    • Charles Lindsay's avatar
      Clean up mark as read/unread star/unstar options · e4633f21
      Charles Lindsay authored
      Mark read/unstar always operate on all messages in the selected
      conversations.  Mark unread/star now work the same way everywhere: it'll
      mark each selected conversation's latest message in the current folder,
      falling back to the latest message period for folders like the search
      folder where nothing really lives.
      The individual mail operations available in the conversation viewer are
      unaffected, as they always just operate on the one message.
      Closes: bgo #714008
  8. 07 Mar, 2014 2 commits
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  11. 04 Mar, 2014 3 commits
    • Charles Lindsay's avatar
      Use properties, not hard-coded path, for folder type · 56a3e174
      Charles Lindsay authored
      Closes: bgo #725238
    • Charles Lindsay's avatar
      Bump version, add news · dab92552
      Charles Lindsay authored
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      Don't multithread db upgrades · 85d1a971
      Charles Lindsay authored
      Turns out for long-running upgrades we were running them all in
      parallel, which thrashes the disk pretty hard.  This adds a simple mutex
      lock around each upgrade, so at least the computer is usable while it's
      going on.  A more robust solution would be to have a single-thread
      thread pool where we enqueue upgrades, but that's too much change this
      late in the release cycle.
      Also it turns out that the nullifying of the internaldate_time_t column
      before we repopulate it was very costly, and unnecessary.  So, this also
      should speed things up for upgrading users.
      Closes: bgo #724475
  12. 03 Mar, 2014 1 commit
    • Charles Lindsay's avatar
      Use STATUS command to keep unread counts accurate · c4020014
      Charles Lindsay authored
      We know we've got some accounting problems in our unread counts.  This
      patches over the most egregious errors by fetching the real count from
      the server more frequently.  It also more frequently triggers the full
      email synchronization process.
      Closes: bgo #714865
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