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    • Jim Nelson's avatar
      Fix infinite busy spinner: Bug #730655 · 06e5c037
      Jim Nelson authored
      Spinner didn't stop during certain Account.open_async() operations.
      It's worth considering making all ProgressMonitors reentrant.
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      Updated Spanish translation · e054e9b7
      Daniel Mustieles authored
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      Reduce database pauses: Refs bug #725929 · 28629ce6
      Jim Nelson authored
      Although not completely solved, this reduces database pauses
      (along with prior commit improving parallelization of database) by
      how ImapDB.Folder accesses the database.  In particular, one code
      path required an INNER JOIN that simply took too long (~8s) on large
      databases, locking the entire db in the process.  Tests and hacking
      showed that, annoyingly, manually performing the INNER JOIN by
      intersecting the results of two SQL transactions was more efficient.
      In addition, creating/merging emails into the database is done in
      chunks with a small pause between each chunk to allow other tasks
      the opportunity to get to the database.  Create/merge is one of the
      most expensive operations on the database.
    • Jim Nelson's avatar
      Improved Folder connection retry · 9efbf64f
      Jim Nelson authored
      Folder now checks the open_count (as well as other details) to
      determine if it should retry a closed connection; this prevents
      certain race conditions where the Folder will continue to be reopened
      even though it was legitimately closed by the caller.
    • Jim Nelson's avatar
      Prevent AccountSynchronizer from deadlock · bb09a2f3
      Jim Nelson authored
      Occassionally the EmailPrefetcher would not signal its work was
      completed, causing the AccountSynchronizer to deadlock (it waits
      until the EmailPrefetcher completes before closing the Folder and
      moving on to the next one).  The problem was due to the
      EmailPrefetcher not clearing a timeout id, making other code think
      other work was outstanding when it was in fact completed.
    • Jim Nelson's avatar
      Synchronize with Sent Mail immed. after sending one: Refs bug #714450 · c0607fcc
      Jim Nelson authored
      This doesn't completely solve bug #714450 but it does display a reply
      or forwarded message more quickly in a conversation (rather than wait
      for the Account object to signal that a Folder's contents has changed,
      which is polled and may take minutes to notice).
      This also slightly rearranges the priority order for background
      synchronization, recognizing that some Folders (Drafts, Sent Mail) are
      as active as All Mail but quicker to synchronize with (i.e. don't wait
      for All Mail to complete synchronization before checking those).
    • Jim Nelson's avatar
      Improve database parallelization · 8dec339f
      Jim Nelson authored
      Prior attempts to use multiple threads to access the SQLite database
      failed due to locking reasons.  This re-attempt fixes this, alloc'ing
      four threads per database and slightly changing the locking strategy
      for read-write transactions.
      Part of the prior issues may have been an attempt to use a connection
      pool (this patch simply opens a new connection for each transaction,
      which for our purposes seems fine).  The read-write strategy of
      deferring locking until the write portion of the transaction was also
      too optimistic, causing transactions to stall in the middle of their
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