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  6. 24 Feb, 2017 2 commits
    • Michael Gratton's avatar
      Remember attachments dir and reuse adding/saving attachments and images. · 527399be
      Michael Gratton authored
      * src/client/application/geary-controller.vala (GearyController): Replace
        use of last_save_directory with new attachments_dir property on the
        configuration object.
      * src/client/dialogs/attachment-dialog.vala (AttachmentDialog): Replace
        current_folder with use of last_save_directory with new attachments_dir
        property on the configuration object. Add config object as ctor param
        and object field, update call sites.
    • Michael Gratton's avatar
      Remember print dir and reuse when printing again. Bug 713573. · 7787af3a
      Michael Gratton authored
      * src/client/conversation-viewer/conversation-email.vala
        (ConversationEmail): Save config object as a class field, use that to
        get and set the print directory when printing. Also set the default
        print filename based on the email's subject.
  7. 31 Jan, 2017 1 commit
    • Michael Gratton's avatar
      Re-enable spell checking in composer. · f69c4619
      Michael Gratton authored
      * src/client/application/geary-config.vala (Configuration): Remove
        spell-check setting, we can just get it from the list of visible
        languages instead. Update the schema.
      * src/client/components/client-web-view.vala (WebView::init_web_context):
        Pass in a config object, use that to init WebKit's spell checking on
        the WebContext now that is a global configuration, update it when the
        config changes, update call sites.
      * src/client/composer/composer-widget.vala (ComposerWidget): Remove
        WK1-syle spell checking settings prefs.
      * src/client/composer/spell-check-popover.vala (SpellCheckPopover): Pass
        a config object in so we don't have to use the global app singleton
      * src/client/dialogs/preferences-dialog.vala (PreferencesDialog):
        Modernise by converting into a widget template.
      * test/client/components/client-web-view-test-case.vala (TestCase):
        Construct a config object as a fixture, use it to init the WebContext
        and make it avalaible to subclasses & update subclasses.
      * ui/preferences-dialog.ui: Moved from preferences.dialog, remove spell
        check preference.
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    • Michael Gratton's avatar
      Fix cmake warning CMP0040 in cmake/FindDesktopFileValidate.cmake. · 4a2ba144
      Michael Gratton authored
      * desktop/CMakeLists.txt: Fix name of Elementary Contractor desktop file
        and disable Desktop file validation for it since it doesn't actually
      * cmake/FindDesktopFileValidate.cmake, cmake/FindIntltool.cmake: Don't
        assume XDG Desktop files are named ".desktop" - they aren't for
        Elementary's Contractor. Require callers to pass the full name in, fix
        call sites.
  16. 09 Jun, 2016 1 commit
    • Leonardo Robol's avatar
      Added support to change the spell-checking language. · cae4b443
      Leonardo Robol authored
      Bug 720335
      * src/client/composer/spell-check-popover.vala
        Implemented a GtkPopover allowing the user to select a
        subset of the currently installed dictionaries for the spell
        checking in the composer widget.
      * src/client/util/util-international-vala
        Added detection of installed dictionaries and proper
        translation of the available languages. This requires
        Enchant as an additional dependency.
      * src/client/application/geary-config.vala
        Added keys spell-check-visible-languages and
        spell-check-languages in GSettings.
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    • Robert Schroll's avatar
      Paned composer for handling multi-replies · 526f6e78
      Robert Schroll authored
      When the user replies with a quote to a second message, the composer
      moves into a paned below the conversation viewer.  This makes it easy to
      scroll through the conversation and select text for replies.
      The Gtk.Paned acutally holds a Box, which in turn can hold many
      ComposerBoxes.  Only one is shown at a time, but the model used
      elsewhere is that each ComposerWidget has a ComposerContainer until it
      is destroyed.  When a composer is closed, it hides while finishing up
      asynchronous work.  This allows us to hold hidden paned composers as
      they finish up their work.
      The logic for focus handling at detachment is moved into the
      ComposerWidget from ComposerEmbed, since it may also be detached from
      the paned state.  ComposerContainers gain a remove_composer() method
      that does the container's clean up, as well as returning the focused
      widget.  The ComposerWindow's remove_composer() method should never be
  21. 16 Dec, 2014 1 commit
    • Jim Nelson's avatar
      Improved search experience: Bug #720361 · 533ab75e
      Jim Nelson authored
      This introduces a new full-text search algorithm that attempts to
      curb the effects of overstemming in the Porter Snowball stemmer.
      The FTS table will be regenerated with this update.
      The crux of this new algorithm is a configurable heuristic that
      reduces stemmed matching.  The configuration is not available via the
      UI (I suspect it will only confuse users) but can be changed by power
      users via GSettings.  More information is available at:
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    • Mohamed Ibrahim's avatar
      Start notifying of new mail at session startup: Bug #714644 · 6783c2ce
      Mohamed Ibrahim authored
      Geary can now be configured to notify of new mail at startup.  When
      the user logs in, Geary will autostart with a hidden window and
      notify of new mail as usual.  When Geary is formally executed by
      the user the Geary window simply appears.
      In this mode, if the user closes the window Geary will return to its
      hidden state.  Quit must be used to close the process.
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