1. 02 Oct, 2017 2 commits
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      Use Gtk.show_uri_on_window when available. Bug 770884. · 2349ea68
      Michael Gratton authored
      * src/CMakeLists.txt: Define a macro when Gtk+ 3.22 is available.
      * src/client/application/geary-application.vala (GearyApplication): Add
        show_uri method that uses the app's currently active window/screen to
        show the URI on, add a compile-time test to use Gtk.show_uri or
        Gtk.show_uri_on_window as appropriate, make the API nicer to use by
        not having two different error reporting methods. Rework existing uses
        of Gtk.show_uri to use this method.
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  5. 31 Jan, 2017 5 commits
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      Re-enable spell checking in composer. · f69c4619
      Michael Gratton authored
      * src/client/application/geary-config.vala (Configuration): Remove
        spell-check setting, we can just get it from the list of visible
        languages instead. Update the schema.
      * src/client/components/client-web-view.vala (WebView::init_web_context):
        Pass in a config object, use that to init WebKit's spell checking on
        the WebContext now that is a global configuration, update it when the
        config changes, update call sites.
      * src/client/composer/composer-widget.vala (ComposerWidget): Remove
        WK1-syle spell checking settings prefs.
      * src/client/composer/spell-check-popover.vala (SpellCheckPopover): Pass
        a config object in so we don't have to use the global app singleton
      * src/client/dialogs/preferences-dialog.vala (PreferencesDialog):
        Modernise by converting into a widget template.
      * test/client/components/client-web-view-test-case.vala (TestCase):
        Construct a config object as a fixture, use it to init the WebContext
        and make it avalaible to subclasses & update subclasses.
      * ui/preferences-dialog.ui: Moved from preferences.dialog, remove spell
        check preference.
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      Make ClientWebView and derived classes unit-testable. · a2d6381b
      Michael Gratton authored
      * src/client/components/client-web-view.vala (ClientWebView): Don't
        require an instance of GearyApplication to be passed in to resource
        loading, use new GioUtil methods to load the resources instead. Update
        subclasses and call sites. Add a static init method for initialising
        the WebKit.WebContext move code from GearyController here.
      * src/client/application/geary-application.vala (GearyApplication):
        Reimplement ::create_builder and ::read_resource using new GioUtil,
        deprecate them. Merge ::load_ui_resource_for_manager into
        ::load_ui_resource since that's its only use, deprecate it.
      * src/client/util/util-gio.vala: New util methods for loading GResources,
        independent of the app.
      * src/CMakeLists.txt: Add new util source.
      UNit tetsing
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      Properly build and load the web extension for ClientWebView. · 6d18b247
      Michael Gratton authored
      * src/CMakeLists.txt: Pass the build dir through to the application so it
        can work out where to find the extension when running from the source
        tree. Build geary-static as reloacatable so we can link it with the
        extension. Actually link geary-static into the extension and install it.
      * src/client/application/geary-application.vala
        (GearyApplication::get_web_extensions_dir): New method that determines
        where the web extension lib is to be found.
      * src/client/application/geary-controller.vala
        (GearyController::open_async): Set the extension dir on the WebContext,
        and pass through logging config to the extension.
      * src/client/web-process/web-process-extension.vala: Add a
        GearyWebExtension extension object, create it on init and init logging.
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      Fix massive graphics corruptiom when WebViews are displayed. · b183f9d9
      Michael Gratton authored
      * src/client/application/geary-controller.vala
        (GearyController::open_async): Initialise WebKit default context here,
        rather than in GearyApplication::startup so it happens after GTK+ has
        been initialised.
    • Michael Gratton's avatar
      Begin the WebKit2 port in earnest. · d542dda4
      Michael Gratton authored
      Replace StylishWebView with ClientWebView, to act as a common base class
      for the composer, conversation and other uses of web views.
      Introduce a ComposerWebView that replaces WebviewEditFixer and extends
      ClientWebView, and adds (dummy for now) methods for ComposerWidget to
      call. Simiarly, make ConversationWebView extend ClientWebView, add dummy
      calls to support the conversation viewer classes. Move common code from
      both into ClientWebView.
      Add a web-process library, unused other than for compile-time checking,
      and move all client functions and methods involving DOM objects into util
      classes there.
      Bug 728002
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  8. 14 Oct, 2016 1 commit
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      Add GearyApplication as private weak ref to GearyController. · fe0b3044
      Michael Gratton authored
      This allows removing a large number of uses of the apps's static instance
      variable, which is highly desirable.
      * src/client/application/geary-controller.vala (GearyController): Add
        GearyApplication as a weak internal field. Set it in the ctor. Use that
        instead of GearyApplication.instance throughout.
      * src/client/application/geary-application.vala
        (GearyApplication::controller): Pass this in to the controller when it
        is constructed.
  9. 03 Oct, 2016 3 commits
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    • Michael Gratton's avatar
      Convert ConversationWebView HML CSS file to a resource, remove theme dir. · 3dcf3ce7
      Michael Gratton authored
      * src/client/application/geary-application.vala
        (GearyApplication::read_theme_file): Renamed to ::read_resource, do the
        lookup on a GResource instead of from the file system.
        (GearyApplication::get_ui_file): Remove unused method.
      * src/client/conversation-viewer/conversation-web-view.vala
        (ConversationWebView): Chase CSS file rename and load method.
      * theming/CMakeLists.txt: Removed, no longer needed.
      * theming/message-viewer.css: Moved to ui/conversation-web-view.css.
      * ui/CMakeLists.txt: Add conversation-web-view.css resource.
      * CMakeLists.txt: Remove theming include.
      * src/client/application/geary-application.vala :
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      Reenable displaying sender avatars using Gravatar. · aabfb1d6
      Michael Gratton authored
      Since we're no longer using the web view to display the user avatar, use
      libsoup and add some additional infrastructure to support caching the
      avatars. Also switches to HTTPS for accessing the Gravatar service.
      * src/client/application/geary-application.vala
        (GearyApplication::get_user_cache_directory): New method to return the
        XDG cache directory for Geary.
      * src/client/application/geary-controller.vala: Add both a Soup session
        and cache for fetching avatars. Write the cache to disk on controller
      * src/client/conversation-viewer/conversation-email.vala
        (ConversationEmail::start_loading): Trigger avatar loads when loading
        the email.
      * src/client/conversation-viewer/conversation-message.vala: Replace
        single avatar image widget with two, so the image does not need to be
        rescaled when expanded/collapsed.
      * src/client/conversation-viewer/conversation-message.vala
        (ConversationMessage::load_avatar): Queue a request for a Gravatar
        (ConversationMessage::set_avatar): Load pixbuf returned by Gravatar,
        scale and set it for the preview and expanded avatar images.
      * src/client/conversation-viewer/conversation-viewer.vala
        (ConversationViewer::clear): Cancel any outsanding avatar loads.
      * src/client/util/util-gravatar.vala (Gravatar): Construct a HTTPS URL to
        avoid advertising to the NSA who we are receiving email from.
      * ui/conversation-message.ui: Add the second avatar image.
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      Ensure main window contents are shown when presented from application. · 56dedd7d
      Michael Gratton authored
      Bug 763961.
      * src/client/application/geary-application.vala
        (GearyApplication::present): Always call show_all on the main window
        since if started hidden, it won't have had that called on it.
      * src/client/application/geary-controller.vala:
         GearyController::on_indicator_activated_inbox): Always call show_all
        on the main window since if started hidden, it won't have had that
        called on it.
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      Update copyright to 2015 · 29448cab
      Jim Nelson authored
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      Undo Archive/Trash/Move: Bug #721828 · 354e2edb
      Jim Nelson authored
      For now, the undo stack is 1-deep with no redo facility, which mimics
      Gmail's facility.  We can consider later offering a more involved
      undo stack, but would like to try this out for now and work out the
      kinks before becoming more aggressive.
  22. 14 Nov, 2014 1 commit
  23. 21 Oct, 2014 1 commit
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      Present Welcome dialog if Geary re-run while visible: Bug #720360 · 9013140c
      Jim Nelson authored
      If the Welcome dialog (used to create the initial account) is visible
      and Geary was re-run, an empty main window would appear.  This is due
      to the Welcome dialog hiding the main window until the first account
      is created.  Now, if Geary is re-run the Welcome dialog is presented
      to the user.
      This may possibly solve bug #737811.
  24. 26 Jun, 2014 1 commit
    • Mohamed Ibrahim's avatar
      Start notifying of new mail at session startup: Bug #714644 · 6783c2ce
      Mohamed Ibrahim authored
      Geary can now be configured to notify of new mail at startup.  When
      the user logs in, Geary will autostart with a hidden window and
      notify of new mail as usual.  When Geary is formally executed by
      the user the Geary window simply appears.
      In this mode, if the user closes the window Geary will return to its
      hidden state.  Quit must be used to close the process.
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    • Charles Lindsay's avatar
      Support GNOME's Damned Lies workflow · 1932f466
      Charles Lindsay authored
      This should get Geary ready to be integrated into l10n.gnome.org,
      GNOME's Damned Lies translation project.  The biggest change is that we
      no longer track a .pot file, but we set it up so that translators can
      generate their own using intltool-update --pot.
      Closes: bgo #713827