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      SMTP buffers not completely written: Closes #7248 · 3270edb1
      Jim Nelson authored
      The recent fix to support dotstuffing (#7173) introduced a regression
      where it was possible for incomplete SMTP buffers (i.e. the message)
      to be delivered.
      The SMTP layer now deals in Memory.Buffer objects, which required
      some small changes to the Authentication interface.  Also, some
      missing error-handling in RFC822.Message was introduced.
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      New file naming scheme and organization for the Engine. · 41faa361
      Jim Nelson authored
      The code base is growing much faster than expected, faster than Shotwell it seems (not necessarily line count, but files and necessary organization of the library vs. Shotwell's initial flat directory).  After some thought decided to move to a more standard Vala/GTK naming scheme of all lowercase with dashes for spaces starting with namespace (minus the "geary-", unless the class was in the topmost namespace).  Three motivations:
      1. Often confusing when working on code to see three "Folder.vala" in the gedit tabs: one IMAP, one SQLite, and one the interface definition.
      2. This paves the way for waf integration, as right now we're held up using it because it barfs on projects with two files of the same name in different directories.
      3. I find the CamelCase in the file browser becoming hard on the eyes, and this scheme seems a little more browsable.
  11. 16 Jun, 2011 1 commit
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      Addition of MessageTable and MessageLocationTable toward fixing #3742. · 9221937e
      Jim Nelson authored
      Much of the API between the local and net stores had to be reworked for consistency as well as planning ahead for how messages will be retrieved and stored efficiently.  This work also attempts to keep in mind that other mail sources (POP, etc.) may be required in the future, and hopefully can be added without major rework.
  12. 03 Jun, 2011 1 commit
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      Added third pane to display message contents. · 58b4c381
      Jim Nelson authored
      Message contents are now fetched from the server and displayed in the third pane when a message is selected.  Also made session management a bit smarter via ReferenceSemantics.
  13. 31 May, 2011 1 commit
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      Create ClientSessionManager. · 737f235d
      Jim Nelson authored
      The ClientSessionManager maintains a pool of connections to an IMAP server, reusing them whenever possible.  It allows for multiple folders to be managed and monitored by an application without having to change contexts constantly (which also introduces side-effects, esp. with expunging deleted messages).
  14. 05 May, 2011 1 commit
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      Improvements to Serializer and Deserializer · a43ab81f
      Jim Nelson authored
      The input mode for Deserializer meant that the caller needed to manage the input stream and push data in an appropriate way; this is error-prone.  Now Deserializer manages the input stream and the modes it must be read from.  Serializer still works in a similar fashion as before, but now it deals with literal data more efficiently, writing it to the output stream directly (via splice_async()) rather than into the in-memory temporary buffer.  Serializable's serialize() method is now async, meaning that all serialization can occur asynchronously, which is how we want it going forward.
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