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    • Michael Gratton's avatar
      Re-enable items in the ConversationEmail menu. · 5c88e07a
      Michael Gratton authored
      Using "msg" for the ConversationMessage context menu action namespace
      stopped ConversationEmail's actions being found, so use "eml" instead.
      * src/client/conversation-viewer/conversation-email.vala
        (ConversationEmail::ConversationEmail): Use a the "eml" namespace for
        email actions to avoid namespace collision.
      * ui/conversation-email-menus.ui: Chase namespace change.
    • Michael Gratton's avatar
      Rename conversation-message-menu.ui to conversation-email-menus.ui. · b2fe0ce4
      Michael Gratton authored
      Make it actually match its parent class and use.
    • Michael Gratton's avatar
      Convert ConversationEmail's attachment icon into a button. · 338fe6c3
      Michael Gratton authored
      Since both the star and email menu button are both buttons, the
      attachments icon should be as as well. Replace the Save Attachments menu
      item with this button.
      * src/client/conversation-viewer/conversation-email.vala: Convert
        attachment_icon to attachment_button. Update call sites.
      * ui/conversation-email.ui: Replace attachments icon with button.
      * ui/conversation-message-menu.ui: Remove Save Attachments item.
    • Michael Gratton's avatar
      Re-enable attachments context menu. · be31b337
      Michael Gratton authored
      Since we're using the Icon View, we have some more options in terms of
      user selction and the actions applicable to that. So make the attachment
      signals and their handlers all apply to collections of attachments and
      use the GAppInfo class for determining which app to open an attachment
      * src/client/application/geary-controller.vala: Chase signal changes.
        (GearyController::on_attachments_activated): Handle multiple
        attachments being activated at once. Use its GAppInfo for launching
        each attachment, prompt the user with an GtkAppChooserDialog if the
        info is unknown.
      * src/client/conversation-viewer/conversation-email.vala Use the new
        AttachmentInfo class to manage lists of all displayed and currently
        selected attachments and their associated GAppInfo objects. Add actions
        for attachment context menu items. Move attachment signals from
        ConversationViewer here, make all attachment signals have a collection
        of them as their param. Hook up appropriate GtkIconView callbacks to
        manage selection, activation, etc. Construct AttachmentInfo instances
        when loading attachments and use them in the icon view's model.
      * ui/conversation-email.ui: Define needed callbacks for the icon
        view. Update its model to accept a GObject for the attachment info
      * ui/conversation-message-menu.ui: Fix action name for save attachments
        menu item.
    • Michael Gratton's avatar
      Re-enable email menu actions and message star/unstar. · 19456bd5
      Michael Gratton authored
      * src/client/application/geary-controller.vala: Chase signal changes.
        (GearyController::on_view_source): Moved view source code here from the
        conversation viewer.
      * src/client/conversation-viewer/conversation-email.vala: Add an action
        group for the email for email-specific actions with the prefix
        "msg". Add actions each of the items in the email menu. Move
        email-specific signals here from ConversationViewer. Update actions
        based on message state as needed.
      * src/client/conversation-viewer/conversation-viewer.vala: Add signal
        handlers for ConversationEmail's email flagging signals and forward
        them on to the `mark_emails` signal, since we also want to batch up
        email flag changes from here.
      * ui/conversation-email.ui: Fix star/unstar action names.
      * ui/conversation-message-menu.ui: Cromulify the email menu name.
    • Michael Gratton's avatar
      Add new ConversationMessage widget to display a single message with a WebView. · 64aa037c
      Michael Gratton authored
      The new widget is designed to be added to a ListBox like container, and
      can display both a summary and the complete message, a'la the traditional
      Geary ConversationView.
      Most features are currently disabled, but it does handle hiding/showing
      the message body using a single WebKit.WebView. All code from
      ConversationViewer relating to DOM manipulation as been copied over, all
      but that which was needed to display the message has been commentd out.
      * src/client/conversation-viewer/conversation-message.vala: Source code
        for new widget.
      * src/client/components/main-window.vala: Add CSS theme code for
      * ui/conversation-message.ui: GtkBuilder template for new widget.
      * ui/conversation-message-menu.ui: GtkBuilder for the message menu. This
        is a separate file since GTK+ 3.10 doesn't support GtkPopoverMenu and I
        can't build it using Glade otherwise.
      * src/CMakeLists.txt: Added new source file.
      * po/POTFILES.in, ui/CMakeLists.txt: Added new UI files.