Commit fa48f989 authored by Michael Gratton's avatar Michael Gratton 🤞

Explicity throw an error when requirements aren't met for setting flags

It's probably a programmign error if an error is thrown, but bugs will
never be caught if they errors aren't thrown.
parent 539893fb
......@@ -1711,15 +1711,24 @@ private class Geary.ImapDB.Folder : BaseObject, Geary.ReferenceSemantics {
"UPDATE MessageTable SET flags=?, fields = fields | ? WHERE id=?");
foreach (ImapDB.EmailIdentifier id in map.keys) {
LocationIdentifier? location = do_get_location_for_id(cx, id, ListFlags.NONE,
if (location == null)
Geary.Imap.MessageFlags flags = ((Geary.Imap.EmailFlags) map.get(id)).message_flags;
LocationIdentifier? location = do_get_location_for_id(
cx, id, ListFlags.NONE, cancellable
if (location == null) {
throw new EngineError.NOT_FOUND(
"Email not found: %s", id.to_string()
Geary.Imap.EmailFlags? flags = map.get(id) as Geary.Imap.EmailFlags;
if (flags == null) {
throw new EngineError.BAD_PARAMETERS(
"Email with Geary.Imap.EmailFlags required"
update_stmt.bind_string(0, flags.serialize());
update_stmt.bind_string(0, flags.message_flags.serialize());
update_stmt.bind_int(1, Geary.Email.Field.FLAGS);
update_stmt.bind_rowid(2, id.message_id);
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