Commit beccdd49 authored by Michael Gratton's avatar Michael Gratton 🤞 Committed by Michael Gratton

Make ImapDB.Account.get_search_matches_async greedy stripping consistent

Only strips greey matches if implied by the search query, to make its
results consistent with ::search_async.
parent cc4bcdcd
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......@@ -1347,9 +1347,11 @@ private class Geary.ImapDB.Account : BaseObject {
do_get_search_matches(cx, query, id_map, cancellable);
if (match_map == null || match_map.size == 0)
return Db.TransactionOutcome.DONE;
strip_greedy_results(query, match_map);
if (should_strip_greedy_results(query)) {
strip_greedy_results(query, ids, match_map);
search_matches = new Gee.HashSet<string>();
foreach (Gee.Set<string> matches in match_map.values)
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