Commit b9836067 authored by Jim Nelson's avatar Jim Nelson

Removed --save-temps from Makefile.

--save-temps only speeds up compilation when valac is invoked for compile-only and C compilation and linking are done separately and in parallel.  Since --save-temps leaves a lot of extraneous files sitting around that clutter "git status" (see #3690), removing it from the Makefile.
parent 5f6076e8
......@@ -4,7 +4,7 @@ PROGRAM = geary
VALAC := valac
VALAFLAGS := -g --save-temps --enable-checking --fatal-warnings --vapidir=vapi
VALAFLAGS := -g --enable-checking --fatal-warnings --vapidir=vapi
APPS := geary console syntax lsmbox readmail watchmbox
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