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Update files for 3.32.1

parent 08aaba15
Version 3.32.1
Released: 2019-04-28
Thanks to all who contributed code fixes and enhancements to this
* Jiří Černý
* Kalev Lember
* Konstantin Kharlamov
* Niels De Graef
Enhancements included in this release:
* Bug fixes and server compatibility improvements
* User interface translation updates
Thanks also to all who contributed translations, for the user
* Carles Ferrando Garcia (ca)
* Federico Bruni (it)
* Piotr Drąg (pl)
And for the user manual:
* Daniel Mustieles (es)
Version 3.32
Released: 2019-03-17
......@@ -89,6 +89,15 @@
<translation type="gettext">geary</translation>
<release version="3.32.1" date="2019-04-28">
<p>Enhancements included in this release:</p>
<li>Bug fixes and server compatibility improvements</li>
<li>User interface translation updates</li>
<release version="3.32" date="2019-03-17">
<p>Enhancements included in this release:</p>
project('geary', [ 'vala', 'c' ],
version: '3.32.0',
version: '3.32.1',
license: 'LGPL2.1+',
meson_version: '>= 0.43',
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