Commit 710f99df authored by Michael Gratton's avatar Michael Gratton 🤞

Fix critical trying to load a conversation with 0 email

This can happen when the search is changing and a number of
conversations are evaporating.
parent f3ef3453
......@@ -1271,7 +1271,13 @@ public class GearyController : Geary.BaseObject {
Geary.App.EmailStore? store = get_store_for_folder(
if (store != null) {
// It's possible for a conversation with zero email to
// be selected, when it has just evaporated after its
// last email was removed but the conversation monitor
// hasn't signalled its removal yet. In this case,
// just don't load it since it will soon disappear.
if (store != null && convo.get_count() > 0) {
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