Commit 6be12937 authored by Michael Gratton's avatar Michael Gratton 🤞 Committed by Michael Gratton

Fix default value for ConversationOperation::allow_duplicates

Make the default true, which is required for most operations. In
particular, this was preventing conversations from being removed from
a search when two remove ops were queued in quick succession.
Make InsertOperation use the default since if we don't want to ignore
email inserted if it happens twice in quick succession, for the same
parent 710f99df
......@@ -24,7 +24,7 @@ internal abstract class Geary.App.ConversationOperation : BaseObject {
public ConversationOperation(ConversationMonitor? monitor,
bool allow_duplicates = false) {
bool allow_duplicates = true) {
this.monitor = monitor;
this.allow_duplicates = allow_duplicates;
......@@ -15,7 +15,7 @@ private class Geary.App.InsertOperation : ConversationOperation {
public InsertOperation(ConversationMonitor monitor,
Gee.Collection<EmailIdentifier> inserted_ids) {
base(monitor, false);
this.inserted_ids = inserted_ids;
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