Commit 6b5f34eb authored by Juraj Fiala's avatar Juraj Fiala

Remove redundant build-options from the Flatpak manifest

Since fd.o 18.08, i.e. GNOME 3.30, the runtime provides a comprehensive list of build flags, surmounting the current one.
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......@@ -39,13 +39,6 @@
/* Let view source keep on working as-sis for now. Bug 779311. */
"build-options" : {
"cflags": "-O2 -g",
"cxxflags": "-O2 -g",
"env": {
"V": "1"
"cleanup": ["/include", "/lib/pkgconfig",
"/share/pkgconfig", "/share/aclocal",
"/man", "/share/man", "/share/gtk-doc",
......@@ -83,10 +76,9 @@
/* Enabling debug via configure causes both -g and -O0
to be set, which is bad since the former is
redundant with our build-options above, and the
latter conflicts with both the build options and
with whatever is causing FORTIFY_SOURCE to be
set. So disable debug instead. */
redundant with the default fd.o build-options,
and the latter conflicts with them. So disable
debug instead. */
"sources": [
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