Commit 606f0d3b authored by Michael Gratton's avatar Michael Gratton 🤞

Merge branch 'wip/266-dns-errors' into 'master'

Fix spurious "Can't reach host" running under Flatpak, maybe elsewhere

See merge request !162

(cherry picked from commit 52d1cb85)

b7d0f073 Fix spurious "Can't reach host" running under Flatpak, maybe elsewhere
parent 94c4ee43
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......@@ -115,6 +115,23 @@ public class Geary.ConnectivityManager : BaseObject {
} catch (GLib.IOError.CANCELLED err) {
// User cancelled, so leave as unreachable
} catch (GLib.IOError.HOST_UNREACHABLE err) {
// Despite returning a boolean, per its API docs
// NetworkMonitor.can_reach() should never actually return
// false under Vala since it will throw an error instead,
// and usually this one. While that's not 100% always the
// case, we do need to treat this error as meaning
// unreachable.
// However if the monitor says there actually is a network
// available, we may be running under Flatpak with Network
// Manager connectivity checking enabled and hitting issue
// GNOME/glib#1705. Pull this debug logging out once that
// is fixed.
if (this.monitor.network_available) {
debug("Assuming %s is unreachable, despite network availability",
} catch (GLib.DBusError err) {
// Running under Flatpak can cause a DBus error if the
// portal is malfunctioning (e.g. Geary #97 & #82 and
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