Commit 3e721fee authored by Michael Gratton's avatar Michael Gratton 🤞

Rebuild MessageSearchTable. Database version 25. Bug 772522.

* sql/version-025.sql: Rebuild MessageSearchTable, and while we're here
  optimise it as well.
parent 07306e24
......@@ -24,3 +24,4 @@ install(FILES version-021.sql DESTINATION ${SQL_DEST})
install(FILES version-022.sql DESTINATION ${SQL_DEST})
install(FILES version-023.sql DESTINATION ${SQL_DEST})
install(FILES version-024.sql DESTINATION ${SQL_DEST})
install(FILES version-025.sql DESTINATION ${SQL_DEST})
-- Rebuild corrupted MessageSearchTable indexes. Bug 772522.
-- According to the FTS3 docs <>, this
-- needs to be done "whenever the implementation of a custom tokeniser
-- changes", but Geary is also seeing the indexes being corrupted when
-- doing UPDATEs on MessageSearchTable. Bug 772522 has replaced use of
-- that with a SELECT/DELETE/INSERT which does not result in a
-- corrupted index, so do a rebuild here to ensure everyone's is not
-- back in order.
INSERT INTO MessageSearchTable(MessageSearchTable) VALUES('rebuild');
-- While we're here, optimise it as well.
INSERT INTO MessageSearchTable(MessageSearchTable) VALUES('optimize');
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