Commit 3ba75dac authored by Jim Nelson's avatar Jim Nelson

Unable to authenticate SMTP credentials: Closes bgo#721570

User's server was returning a status code that indicates an invalid
password, when in fact it was simply indicating that it didn't
support the AUTH type (even though it advertised it in its connect
capabilities).  This removes the error-checking by SMTP value and
simply attempts all chosed AUTH types.
parent b4afcb76
......@@ -104,11 +104,6 @@ public class Geary.Smtp.ClientSession {
Response response = yield cx.authenticate_async(authenticator, cancellable);
if (response.code.is_success_completed())
return authenticator;
// syntax errors indicate the command was unknown or unimplemented, i.e. unavailable
// authentication type, so try again, otherwise treat as authentication failure
if (!response.code.is_syntax_error())
} while (auth_order.size > 0);
throw new SmtpError.AUTHENTICATION_FAILED("Unable to authenticate with %s", to_string());
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