Commit 19716708 authored by Konstantin Kharlamov's avatar Konstantin Kharlamov

rfc822: fix mangled text when quoting non-latin names

Before the change quoted part looks like:
"=?UTF-8?b?0JDQu9C10LrRgdC10Lkg0JLQuNC90LjRh9C10L3QutC+?=" After the
change it looks like "Алексей Виниченко"
Signed-off-by: Konstantin Kharlamov's avatarKonstantin Kharlamov <>
parent 2ea9a852
......@@ -205,10 +205,10 @@ public string email_addresses_for_reply(Geary.RFC822.MailboxAddresses? addresses
switch (format) {
case TextFormat.HTML:
return HTML.escape_markup(addresses.to_string());
return HTML.escape_markup(addresses.to_full_display());
case TextFormat.PLAIN:
return addresses.to_string();
return addresses.to_full_display();
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