Commit 1387fb64 authored by Michael Gratton's avatar Michael Gratton 🤞

Merge branch 'wip/285-cancelled-commands' into 'master'

Ensure that cancelled commands throw a cancelled error, not a timeout

Closes #285

See merge request !167

(cherry picked from commit 54f5ec39)

2c8a232f Ensure that cancelled commands throw a cancelled error, not a timeout
parent be5dac25
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......@@ -79,6 +79,7 @@ public class Geary.Imap.Command : BaseObject {
new Geary.Nonblocking.Semaphore();
private bool timed_out = false;
private bool cancelled = false;
private Geary.Nonblocking.Spinlock? literal_spinlock = null;
private GLib.Cancellable? literal_cancellable = null;
......@@ -209,10 +210,12 @@ public class Geary.Imap.Command : BaseObject {
* Cancels this command's execution.
* When this method is called, all locks will be released,
* including {@link wait_until_complete}.
* including {@link wait_until_complete}, which will then throw a
* `GLib.IOError.CANCELLED` error.
internal virtual void cancel_command() {
this.cancelled = true;
......@@ -220,17 +223,23 @@ public class Geary.Imap.Command : BaseObject {
* Yields until the command has been completed or cancelled.
* Throws an error if cancelled, if the command is cancelled, or
* if the command's response was bad.
* Throws an error if the command or the cancellable argument is
* cancelled, if the command timed out, or if the command's
* response was bad.
public async void wait_until_complete(GLib.Cancellable cancellable)
throws GLib.Error {
yield this.complete_lock.wait_async(cancellable);
if (this.cancelled) {
throw new GLib.IOError.CANCELLED(
"%s: Command was cancelled", to_brief_string()
if (this.timed_out) {
throw new ImapError.TIMED_OUT(
"%s: No command response was received",
"%s: Command timed out", to_brief_string()
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