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    Clean up engine logging API a bit. · c371b913
    Michael Gratton authored
    Also fixes debug logging under the Meson build.
    * src/engine/api/geary-logging.vala (Logging): Use a domain for engine
      logging calls. Make Flag.NONE explicitly set to 0 so it's obvious what
      is happening in the code. Don't set up any handlers at all - this is
      something the application should be doing. Rename on_log() to
      default_handler() and make it public so that application can use the
      engine's logger if they want.
    * src/client/application/geary-application.vala (Application): Install
      the engine's default handler after init'ing logging — needed to fix
      logging under Meson, use stderr for logging until command-line
      arguments have been processed.
    * src/client/application/geary-args.vala: Stop using stderr for logging
      if --debug arg was not set.
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