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    Convert ConversationViewer to a Stack with a ListBox, remove its WebView. · b29d83e5
    Michael Gratton authored
    * src/client/conversation-viewer/conversation-viewer.vala: Convert to a
      GtkStack. Use a GTK template for constructing the UI. Remove WebView
      and any DOM-related code. Replace the enum DisplayMode and hence the
      HTML spinner and HTML user message with widgets in the stack. Remove
      all menus since they're all message specific and will need to be
      re-implemented for ConversationViewer. Comment out composer related
      code for the moment.
    * src/client/application/geary-controller.vala
      (GearyController::conversations_selected): Make both conversations and
      current_folder arguments non-nullable, since it doesn't make any sense
      for there not to be any and simplifies handler impls.
      (GearyController::on_conversations_selected): Don't fire when there
      isn't a current folder.
    * src/client/components/main-window.vala (MainWindow::set_styling): Add
      CSS theme code for the the conversation message list.
      (MainWindow::create_layout): Remove GtkFrame, just add the
      ConversationViewer instance directly.
    * ui/conversation-viewer.ui: New GtkBuilder template for
      ConversationViewer, implemented as a GtkStack containing widgets for
      displaying the loading spinner, conversation as a GtkListBox, and label
      for user messages.
    * ui/CMakeLists.txt, po/POTFILES.in: Added new UI files.
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