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    Add option to save sent mail · cce04b81
    Charles Lindsay authored
    This adds the ability for Geary to push sent mail up to the account's
    Sent Mail folder (if available).  There's an accompanying account option
    that defaults to on (meaning: push sent mail).
    The current implementation will leave messages in the Outbox (though
    they won't be sent again) if they fail to be pushed to Sent Mail.  This
    isn't the best solution, but it at least means you have a way of seeing
    the problem and hopefully copying the data elsewhere manually if you
    need to save it.
    Note that Geary might not always recognize an account's Sent Mail
    folder.  This is the case for any "Other" accounts that don't support
    the "special use" or "xlist" IMAP extensions.  In this case, Geary will
    either throw an error and leave messages in the Outbox, or erase the
    message from the Outbox when it's sent, depending on the value of the
    account's save sent mail option.  Better support for detecting the Sent
    Mail folder in every case is coming soon.
    Closes: bgo #713263
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