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      Don't prepend whitespace for all composer prefilled bodies: Refs #6227 · 07a7fc48
      Tiago Quelhas authored
      Ticket #6227 looks like a single problem, but in fact Tiago identified
      it as two.  Before this patch, the ComposerWindow assumed all prefilled
      messages were either replies or forwards and prepended whitespace to
      separate the user's message from the replied-to/forwarded one.  This
      is not the case with mailto: body's, which should be entered as-is to
      a newly composed message.
      There still exists #6227's issue with newlines not being inserted from
      a mailto: link.  That's enough of a side case we're committing this
      now, as it's more common.
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      Show account inboxes at top of sidebar; fix #6331 · 33453dfa
      Charles Lindsay authored
      There's now a list of inboxes at the top of the sidebar if you have more
      than one account.  It gets the default selection if possible, so you
      never have to see all the folders of your accounts if you work entirely
      out of your inbox.
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      Fix issues rapidly selecting folders; fix #6318 · a64bb558
      Charles Lindsay authored
      We now use a small timer when you click a folder before we actually kick
      off a network connection.  This effectively rate-limits how many
      connections we make without significantly degrading the user experience.
      Also we know that the folder selection function is not safely reentrant,
      so that logic happens inside a mutex lock now.
      The rate-limiting folder selection part is not an ideal solution, but
      it's close to what we want (ideally, local results would be shown
      immediately).  However, the mutex lock is just a bandaid over the larger
      problem of how much global state we juggle in the controller.
      Squashed commit of the following:
      commit 44e46663bb9b513970e11a62428834668987bf33
      Author: Charles Lindsay <chaz@yorba.org>
      Date:   Wed Feb 6 17:29:22 2013 -0800
          Comment our mutex lock
      commit d951204aa163c73ed60b51368fa900ad6414046c
      Author: Charles Lindsay <chaz@yorba.org>
      Date:   Wed Feb 6 16:59:32 2013 -0800
          Select folders only after a small timeout
      commit 012097139bfbaa76967667b8fcdd324634cc2506
      Author: Charles Lindsay <chaz@yorba.org>
      Date:   Wed Feb 6 11:11:30 2013 -0800
          Fix reentrancy issues using mutex
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      Remove unnecessary code from GearyController: Closes #6340 · 48eeb472
      Robert Schroll authored
      This code had previously existed to mark messages as read, but that
      functionality has been moved into ConversationViewer.
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  15. 05 Feb, 2013 4 commits
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      Compile error on Daily Build PPA: Closes #6322 · a59c0541
      Jim Nelson authored
      Support for Precise bit us again.  When we drop support for Precise,
      we can close #6323.
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      Close Geary when no accounts open; fix #6296 · 0fefbef7
      Charles Lindsay authored
      Squashed commit of the following:
      commit 0a5a17bc40a4f8eeda7fc5915931024ec10291cd
      Merge: 7f1591c 0350a8fe
      Author: Charles Lindsay <chaz@yorba.org>
      Date:   Tue Feb 5 10:28:12 2013 -0800
          Merge branch 'master' into fix-empty-window
      commit 7f1591cc2c007adeb65e9d92966b71ef4815ada2
      Author: Charles Lindsay <chaz@yorba.org>
      Date:   Mon Feb 4 18:48:08 2013 -0800
          Add account string to folder string
      commit 495238d07556755683d77337e11440731503506a
      Author: Charles Lindsay <chaz@yorba.org>
      Date:   Mon Feb 4 18:47:50 2013 -0800
          Quit when last account closed; ref #6296
      commit c13ba1e560648ac5fc8892213e7c96601541e05d
      Author: Charles Lindsay <chaz@yorba.org>
      Date:   Mon Feb 4 18:47:19 2013 -0800
          Add per-inbox cancellables
      commit 7dd0b4274593584e55063ae55b8f60c286daf7f1
      Author: Charles Lindsay <chaz@yorba.org>
      Date:   Mon Feb 4 18:45:59 2013 -0800
          Get rid of persistent inbox conversation monitors
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      Closes #6286 Delete accounts · 0350a8fe
      Eric Gregory authored
      Squashed commit of the following:
      commit 1b045edd6c28e3f837107577726b61c839816bc2
      Author: Eric Gregory <eric@yorba.org>
      Date:   Mon Feb 4 19:25:36 2013 -0800
          Changes from code review
      commit bcd52b9f571de316eda39bd181df121bc4753c40
      Author: Eric Gregory <eric@yorba.org>
      Date:   Mon Feb 4 18:21:53 2013 -0800
          Removed cancellable check
      commit 1cc528ca39555233cd5e851229a242fc118c11ae
      Author: Eric Gregory <eric@yorba.org>
      Date:   Mon Feb 4 18:17:42 2013 -0800
          Delete account (2nd branch)
  16. 02 Feb, 2013 1 commit