1. 29 Aug, 2014 1 commit
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      Present user with dialog when TLS cert warnings detected: Bug #713247 · 80912869
      Jim Nelson authored
      When a TLS certificate warning is detected, the user will now be
      presented with a warning dialog presenting them with three options:
      Trust This Server, Always Trust This Server, and Don't Trust This
      Server (the default).  The user must select one of the first two
      buttons for Geary to continue connecting to the server, otherwise it
      will close the Account object for the duration of the application
      This patch introduces a dependency on gcr-3, which is used to pin TLS
      certificates (i.e. persist the user's choice of ignoring the TLS
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  11. 14 Aug, 2014 1 commit
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      Update ClientConnection state machine inside mutex · eb1b9971
      Jim Nelson authored
      While looking at a user's network log I spotted a server error related
      to how Geary drops from the IMAP connection's IDLE state.  There was a
      timing hole where a command could be issued while a flush followed by
      an IDLE was issued.  Without updating the FSM, the new command would
      be queued without issuing a DONE to end IDLE.
  12. 13 Aug, 2014 3 commits
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      Only report Inbox deselected if Inbox is being removed: Bug #727744 · b72b640d
      Jim Nelson authored
      Changing a specal folder type involves adding and removing the folder
      entry in the folder sidebar.  Prior logic would look in the Inboxes
      branch if the entry was not selected in the "normal" account branch
      but not verify the folder in Inboxes was the one being removed.  This
      triggered an unwarranted "nothing selected" signal that caused the
      conversation list to go blank at startup when Geary was associating
      special folder types with folders.
      Note that you must have multiple accounts registered w/ Geary to
      trigger this bug.
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      Include new .sql file in installation. · 58c7a4b6
      Jim Nelson authored
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      Prevent Geary from being listed twice in Default Applications · 2f941991
      Jim Nelson authored
      The autostart .desktop file shouldn't have a MIME type association,
      otherwise it will make Geary appear twice in the drop-down list of
      email applications.
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      Improved disconnection/reestablish logic: Bug #733544 · 2bdd67c0
      Jim Nelson authored
      This code fixes a couple of corner cases discovered by a user and
      myself regarding connection drops and reestablishment.
      1. When BYE received from the server, begin disconnecting immediately.
      Otherwise it's possible for the server to send a BYE and drop the cx
      ungracefully (or the FCLOSE is never received) and leave the
      ClientSession active.  By disconnecting immediately, Geary can cleanly
      break the session and immediately reestablish another one.
      2. Remove the DISCONNECTING state from ClientSession.  There was an
      asymmetry in the state machine with regards to how local disconnects
      were handled (and exposed by #1).  Analysis showed that the
      DISCONNECTING state was unnecessary since there was no need to wait
      for events to come back from the ClientConenction.  Now the FSM
      transitions straight to BROKEN when disconnecting.
      3. Flushing pending commands in the replay queue was being determined
      by the remote close reason.  This is insufficient in the case of BYE
      because it's a non-error close but, because it's initiated by the
      server, pending commands should not be flushed.  An additional close
      flag deals with this case.
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  18. 31 Jul, 2014 2 commits
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      Better Message-ID parsing · 37253c08
      Jim Nelson authored
      While going through a database upgrade, I noticed (once again) debug
      messages reporting bad Message-IDs in messages.  On closer inspection,
      now see that our parser was tripping on Message-IDs with spaces inside
      the brackets.  Need to allow this, so this new algorithm deals with
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      Patch major memory leak due to GMime bindings · f1c75fc4
      Jim Nelson authored
      Discovered a few binding problems while working on another issue,
      in particular gmime_parser_construct_message()'s return object
      not being freed, which can hold an entire message (attachments and
      all) in memory.
  19. 25 Jul, 2014 2 commits
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      Stabilize sort of search email identifiers: Bug #733271 · 9933f2d3
      Jim Nelson authored
      Without stabilization, it was possible for multiple emails in search
      results with the same INTERNALDATE to be dropped due to the equality.
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      Use quoted RFC822 string when autocompleting address: Bug #714956 · 1398cccf
      Jim Nelson authored
      Autocomplete now uses a properly-quoted RFC822 string when an address
      is selected from the drop-down list.  This resolves the most egregious
      case of the composer not accepting an email address formatted
      [Last, First <mailbox@host>], as autocomplete is heavily relied-upon
      and  Geary is presenting an address that can't be used, which is
      It's still possible for the user to manually enter such an address w/o
      quotes (either typing or pasting it in).  However, this seems like a
      far less problematic use case.  The ticket remains open due to this,
      Finally, some comments have been added to clarify the difference
      between RFC822.MailboxAddress.get_full_address() and
      to_rfc822_string().  I've also done a code-review to check that both
      methods are being used correctly elsewhere in the code.
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