Commit bb726a2a authored by Charles Lindsay's avatar Charles Lindsay

Check for null collection; fix #7369

parent 7e35dac7
......@@ -495,9 +495,9 @@ private class Geary.ImapDB.Folder : BaseObject, Geary.ReferenceSemantics {
return yield list_email_in_chunks_async(locations, required_fields, flags, cancellable);
private async Gee.List<Geary.Email>? list_email_in_chunks_async(Gee.List<LocationIdentifier> ids,
private async Gee.List<Geary.Email>? list_email_in_chunks_async(Gee.List<LocationIdentifier>? ids,
Geary.Email.Field required_fields, ListFlags flags, Cancellable? cancellable) throws Error {
if (ids.size == 0)
if (ids == null || ids.size == 0)
return null;
int length_rounded_up = Numeric.int_round_up(ids.size, LIST_EMAIL_CHUNK_COUNT);
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