Commit ab7ede3e authored by Jim Nelson's avatar Jim Nelson

Fix bug in reestablishment logic intro'd in commit 86f1854e

One bug in that commit was that only one of two the two conditionals
for entering connection reestablishment was considered when
determining if the Folder should close.  This change now uses both
conditionals.  Without this, it's possible for the remote to fail
to open due to connection error and the Folder to remain open although
reestablishment doesn't occur because there's no remote folder to
establish with.
parent 182fb0a9
......@@ -661,7 +661,7 @@ private class Geary.ImapEngine.GenericFolder : Geary.AbstractFolder, Geary.Folde
// if remote reason is an error, then close_remote_folder_async() will be performing
// reestablishment, so go no further
if (remote_reason.is_error())
if (remote_reason.is_error() && closing_remote_folder != null)
// forced closed one way or another
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