Commit 48b72968 authored by Jim Nelson's avatar Jim Nelson

ConversationSet error when searching or archiving: Closes #7275

We discovered a situation where, depending on the order email is
processed, it's possible for logically associated emails to form
two or more conversations.  When an email is processed that belongs
in more than one conversation, its removal triggers this error (as
a Message-ID can be associated with one and only one conversation).

Bogus email headers, especially email that does not list a complete
References: list, aggravate this problem.
parent a803810d
......@@ -611,7 +611,12 @@ public class Geary.App.ConversationMonitor : BaseObject {
private void process_email_complete(ProcessJobContext job) {
Gee.Collection<Geary.Conversation> added;
Gee.MultiMap<Geary.Conversation, Geary.Email> appended;
conversations.add_all_emails(job.emails.values, this, folder.path, out added, out appended);
Gee.Collection<Geary.Conversation> removed_due_to_merge;
conversations.add_all_emails(job.emails.values, this, folder.path, out added, out appended,
out removed_due_to_merge);
foreach (Geary.Conversation conversation in removed_due_to_merge)
if (added.size > 0)
......@@ -130,6 +130,24 @@ private class Geary.App.ConversationSet : BaseObject {
return false;
// Returns a Collection of zero or more Conversations that have Message-IDs associated with
// the ancestors of the supplied Email ... if more than one, then add_email() should not be
// called
private Gee.Set<ImplConversation> get_associated_conversations(Geary.Email email) {
Gee.Set<ImplConversation> associated = new Gee.HashSet<ImplConversation>();
Gee.Set<Geary.RFC822.MessageID>? ancestors = email.get_ancestors();
if (ancestors != null) {
foreach (Geary.RFC822.MessageID ancestor in ancestors) {
ImplConversation conversation = logical_message_id_map.get(ancestor);
if (conversation != null)
return associated;
* Add the email (requires Field.REFERENCES) to the mix, potentially
* replacing an existing email with the same id, or creating a new
......@@ -141,8 +159,11 @@ private class Geary.App.ConversationSet : BaseObject {
* we didn't add the email (e.g. it was a dupe and we preferred the
* existing email), or the conversation it was added to. Return in
* added_conversation whether a new conversation was created.
* NOTE: Do not call this method if get_associated_conversations() returns a Collection with
* a size greater than one. That indicates the Conversations *must* be merged before adding.
public Geary.Conversation? add_email(Geary.Email email, ConversationMonitor monitor,
private Geary.Conversation? add_email(Geary.Email email, ConversationMonitor monitor,
Geary.FolderPath? preferred_folder_path, out bool added_conversation) {
added_conversation = false;
......@@ -163,13 +184,12 @@ private class Geary.App.ConversationSet : BaseObject {
Gee.Set<Geary.RFC822.MessageID>? ancestors = email.get_ancestors();
if (conversation == null && ancestors != null) {
foreach (Geary.RFC822.MessageID ancestor in ancestors) {
conversation = logical_message_id_map.get(ancestor);
if (conversation != null)
if (conversation == null) {
Gee.Set<ImplConversation> associated = get_associated_conversations(email);
assert(associated.size <= 1);
if (associated.size == 1)
conversation = Collection.get_first<ImplConversation>(associated);
if (conversation == null) {
......@@ -179,6 +199,12 @@ private class Geary.App.ConversationSet : BaseObject {
added_conversation = true;
add_email_to_conversation(conversation, email);
return conversation;
private void add_email_to_conversation(ImplConversation conversation, Geary.Email email) {
if (!conversation.add(email)) {
error("Couldn't add duplicate email %s to conversation %s",, conversation.to_string());
......@@ -191,23 +217,59 @@ private class Geary.App.ConversationSet : BaseObject {
contained_message_id_map.set(email.message_id, conversation);
Gee.Set<RFC822.MessageID>? ancestors = email.get_ancestors();
if (ancestors != null) {
foreach (Geary.RFC822.MessageID ancestor in ancestors)
logical_message_id_map.set(ancestor, conversation);
return conversation;
public void add_all_emails(Gee.Collection<Geary.Email> emails,
ConversationMonitor monitor, Geary.FolderPath? preferred_folder_path,
out Gee.Collection<Geary.Conversation> added,
out Gee.MultiMap<Geary.Conversation, Geary.Email> appended) {
out Gee.MultiMap<Geary.Conversation, Geary.Email> appended,
out Gee.Collection<Geary.Conversation> removed_due_to_merge) {
Gee.HashSet<Geary.Conversation> _added = new Gee.HashSet<Geary.Conversation>();
Gee.HashMultiMap<Geary.Conversation, Geary.Email> _appended
= new Gee.HashMultiMap<Geary.Conversation, Geary.Email>();
Gee.HashSet<Geary.Conversation> _removed_due_to_merge = new Gee.HashSet<Geary.Conversation>();
foreach (Geary.Email email in emails) {
Gee.Set<ImplConversation> associated = get_associated_conversations(email);
if (associated.size > 1) {
// When multiple conversations hold one or more of the Message-IDs in the email's
// ancestry, it means a prior email processed here didn't properly list their entire
// In-Reply-To or References and a split in the conversation appeared ...
// ConversationSet *requires* each Message-ID is associated with one and only one
// Conversation
// By doing this first, it prevents ConversationSet getting itself into a bad state
// where more than one Conversation thinks it "owns" a Message-ID
debug("Merging %d conversations due new email associating with all...", associated.size);
// Note that this call will modify the List so it only holds the to-be-axed
// Conversations
Gee.Set<Geary.Email> moved_email = new Gee.HashSet<Geary.Email>();
ImplConversation dest = merge_conversations(associated, moved_email);
// remove the remaining conversations from the added/appended Collections
foreach (Conversation removed_conversation in associated)
// but notify caller they were merged away
// the dest was always appended to, never created
if (!_added.contains(dest)) {
foreach (Geary.Email moved in moved_email)
_appended.set(dest, moved);
// Nasty ol' Email won't cause problems now -- but let's check anyway!
assert(get_associated_conversations(email).size <= 1);
bool added_conversation;
Geary.Conversation? conversation = add_email(
email, monitor, preferred_folder_path, out added_conversation);
......@@ -225,9 +287,55 @@ private class Geary.App.ConversationSet : BaseObject {
added = _added;
appended = _appended;
removed_due_to_merge = _removed_due_to_merge;
// This method will remove the destination (merged) Conversation from the List and return it
// as the result, along with a Collection of email that must be merged into it
private ImplConversation merge_conversations(Gee.Set<ImplConversation> conversations,
Gee.Set<Geary.Email> moved_email) {
assert(conversations.size > 0);
// find the largest conversation and merge the others into it
ImplConversation? dest = null;
foreach (ImplConversation conversation in conversations) {
if (dest == null || conversation.get_count() > dest.get_count())
dest = conversation;
// remove the largest from the list so it's not included in the Collection of source
// conversations merged into it
bool removed = conversations.remove(dest);
foreach (ImplConversation conversation in conversations)
// convert total sum of Emails to move into map of ID -> Email
Gee.Map<Geary.EmailIdentifier, Geary.Email>? id_map = Geary.Email.emails_to_map(moved_email);
// there better be some Email here, otherwise things are really hosed
assert(id_map != null && id_map.size > 0);
// remove using the standard call, to ensure all state is updated
Gee.MultiMap<Geary.Conversation, Geary.Email> trimmed_conversations;
Gee.Collection<Geary.Conversation> removed_conversations;
remove_all_emails_by_identifier(id_map.keys, out removed_conversations, out trimmed_conversations);
// Conversations should have been removed, not trimmed, and it better have only been the
// conversations we're merging
assert(trimmed_conversations.size == 0);
assert(removed_conversations.size == conversations.size);
foreach (ImplConversation conversation in conversations)
// now add all that email back to the destination Conversation
foreach (Geary.Email moved in moved_email)
add_email_to_conversation(dest, moved);
return dest;
public Geary.Conversation? remove_email_by_identifier(Geary.EmailIdentifier id,
private Geary.Conversation? remove_email_by_identifier(Geary.EmailIdentifier id,
out Geary.Email? removed_email, out bool removed_conversation) {
removed_email = null;
removed_conversation = false;
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