Commit 32deb021 authored by Jim Nelson's avatar Jim Nelson

Workaround 64-bit portability issue: Fixes bgo#720433

This is technically a workaround until Vala fixes bgo#720437.
Although the code change seems innocuous, the original code
caused Vala's generator to not cast the returned int value to
a pointer.
parent 7b49bacb
......@@ -153,7 +153,11 @@ public class Geary.Imap.ServerData : ServerResponse {
Gee.List<int> results = new Gee.ArrayList<int>();
for (int ctr = 2; ctr < size; ctr++) {
// can't directly return the result from as_int() into results as a Vala bug causes a
// build policy violation for uncast int -> pointer on 64-bit architectures:
int result = get_as_string(ctr).as_int(0);
return results;
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